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'Battle Belongs' Survival Kit!

As a guitarist who has been serving in the church for the last 16 years with many different worship teams, it can be difficult to find the time and resources to prepare for an upcoming Sunday. This course is for anyone who wants to completely nail this song both with your technique and with your guitar tone! The advantage that YOU have is you'll be able to learn 'Battle Belongs' WAY faster because there is no guesswork whatsoever!

 Pre-order Price: $19.99 (50% OFF Value)

The 'Battle Belongs' Survival Kit includes:

1. Electric Guitar Tutorials​​

  • Lead Tutorial

  • Rhythm Tutorial

2. Acoustic Guitar Tutorial

3. Amp and Pedal Settings

  • Includes custom 'Battle Belongs' song-specific ACOUSTIC AND ELECTRIC patches for the Helix, HX Stomp, POD Go, and HX Effects

  • Don't have a Line 6 Unit? Don't worry! Included is a module where I break down all the amp and pedal settings you'll need for each section of the song!


  • Custom tabs that you can use to help you learn this song

  • Custom Guitar Pro interactive files​

  • Chord Diagrams: every single chord shape you'll need to effectively nail this song

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