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Get ready producers, guitarists, and live performers! Lot's to come in the future when it comes to guitar loops, samples, pads, and playback stems.

Samples and Loops - Great for producers and guitar players to use, both for production and learning. Double Whammy!

Playback Guitar Stems - Worship leaders, ever needed to pitch shift a song up or down and the guitars end up sounding like electric mandolins? No bueno for live use. I will be going through and creating my own guitar stems that could be compatible with current contemporary worship songs, not only adding my own guitar style but creating a complimentary key to give you a little more transposition flexibility. (Great if you need to change the song to a female key or vice versa.

Pads - Great for creating an ambient atmosphere for live or studio use.

Custom Guitar Stems - If you'd like custom guitar tracks, I do remote session work. Reach out to me here!


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