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Your Grace is Enough // Chris Tomlin // Helix Patch

Inspired Chris Tomlin patch from the album "Arriving." 


Snapshot 1: Intro 

Snapshot 2: Verse  

Snapshot 3: Verse Tremelo 

Snapshot 4: Prechorus

Snapshot 5: Chorus 

Snapshot 6: Bridge 


Grab the Chris Tomlin Patch Bundle!

Your Grace is Enough // Chris Tomlin // Helix Patch

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  • Rating 5/5

    "I've ordered several of your patches over the last year and have always been pleased with your setup, snapshots and overall tone. You provide a very helpful product for Worship and I look forward to even more patches in the future! I am very pleased with your patches and I am able to implement them easily in to our Worship sets. The tones and snapshots seem to always be spot-on! I look forward to additional patches you might provide in the future!"


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