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The 1975 // HX Stomp Patch // 3 Patches

This is a 'The 1975' inspired HX Stomp preset! Learn and play along to your favorite 'The 1975' songs without having to worry about finding the right tones anymore. No IR's necessary. 


Patch 1 Snapshots: 

Snapshot 1: Love Me

Snapshot 2: Love Me (Solo)

Snapshot 3: Not Living


Patch 2 Snapshots: 

Snapshot 1: Robbers

Snapshot 2: Chocolate

Snapshot 3: American


Patch 3 Snapshots: 

Snapshot 1: Dry

Snapshot 2: Ugh!


Grab the Ultimate Tone Kings Patch Bundle!

The 1975 // HX Stomp Patch // 3 Patches

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  • Rating 5/5

    "Patches and screenshots were accurate to the songs and styles they were emulating and serve as great presets for further tweaking and modification. Would love to see version 2's with even more songs or similar artists of the same vein."

    -Brendon Mueller


    Rating 5/5

    "Very good patches, well laid out, easy to implement!"



    Rating 5/5

    "I've ordered several of your patches over the last year and have always been pleased with your setup, snapshots and overall tone. You provide a very helpful product for Worship and I look forward to even more patches in the future! I am very pleased with your patches and I am able to implement them easily in to our Worship sets. The tones and snapshots seem to always be spot-on! I look forward to additional patches you might provide in the future!"

    -Jeff W.

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