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Spera In Deo // Lincoln Brewster // Helix Patch

This is a Lincoln Brewster inspired patch for the 6-string electric ukulele and steel string acoustic guitar. Turn off the EQ if you are using a nylon stringed instrument. This is an ambient acoustic patch with a digital slapback delay for the middle section of the song. Use the expression pedal to add more reverb ambience to elongate certain notes. 


Effects blocks included: 




2 Reverbs 



Grab the Ultimate Lincoln Brewster Patch Bundle!

Spera In Deo // Lincoln Brewster // Helix Patch

SKU: HX-0004
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  • Rating 5/5

    "Wonderful patches. Fairly new to Pod go line 6 since about 8-9 months ago. Love the unit and these patches are super simple to use and sound great! Love using these tones as opposed to a classic pedalboard. Thanks so much Joey!"



    Rating 5/5

    "Being a Lincoln Brewster fan chaser of his sound, I really found your helix tone patches to be similar if not close to Lincoln’s, couple of tweaking here and there did the trick, but otherwise great work with the sound!"


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