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Praise You Anywhere // Brandon Lake // Helix Patch

'Praise You Anywhere' inspired patches included for both the electric and acoustic guitars. Download, plug in, and play with your worship team. Use in snapshot mode for the best experience.


Snapshot 1: Intro

Snapshot 2: Verse

Snapshot 3: Chorus

Snapshot 4: Bridge 1 and 3

Snapshot 5: Bridge 2

Snapshot 6: Swells

Snapshot 7: Dry


Free Bonus: The lead guitar tabs are included!


Grab the Brandon Lake Patch Bundle!

Praise You Anywhere // Brandon Lake // Helix Patch

$8.99 Precio
$7.99Precio de oferta
  • Rating 5/5

    "Amazing patches, 10/10 would buy again."



    Rating 5/5

    "Awesome patch, definitely will be getting more!"



    Rating 5/5

    "Very good patch. I only needed minimal adjustments to match my guitar. The snapshots are very nicely arranged."



    Rating 5/5

    "Very good. You're the best."



    Rating 5/5

    "Easy to download. Great sound great tone."



    Rating 4/5

    "Fantastic! Just what I needed"

    - Eric


    Rating 5/5

    "It's honestly my go-to patch for any non-ambient patch for worship. I had to do zero tweaking to be worship ready with my P-90 Jazzmaster. First patch I felt didn't sound muddy without tweaking. Also love the way it sounds with my Nashville Tele without having to tweaking much from the JM, I just don't use my Tele enough to confident enough to say you won't tweak the knobs a little (but what is a guitarist if not someone who is going to mess with stuff a little ha). Get one patch and you'll be back looking for more."

    - Sindelar


    Rating 5/5

    "Patches were excellent and easy to load ; even for an old guy like me. Sound great and ready for Sunday. My only goof up was I ordered the same patch twice not realized what I did - oh well. Keep up the great job . Thank you."

    - Rob

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