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Jireh // Elevation Worship // POD Go Patch

This is the ultimate "Jireh" inspired POD Go preset! This is a song-specific patch that will help get you the widest range of worship tones possible: everything from swell-cleans to screamin' gospel lead sounds.


Snapshots Included: 

Snapshot 1: Clean

Snapshot 2: Dirty

Snapshot 3: Gospel Lead

Snapshot 4: Swells


Grab the Elevation Worship Patch Bundle!

Jireh // Elevation Worship // POD Go Patch

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$5.99Precio de oferta
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  • Rating 5/5

    "The patches were amazing as soon as i uploaded them into my new Pod Go Wireless i went straight to playing."



    Rating 5/5

    "A great starting point, just needed a slight tweak in the gain stage for my guitars but saved me so much time trying to work out the delays and reverbs. Recommend!"


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