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Hillsong Young and Free // Ultimate Helix Bundle // 8 Patches

This is the ultimate inspired patch bundle for Hillsong Young and Free! (Version 1)


Check out the all-star patch lineup:

1. Best Friends

2. First Love

3. Indescribable

4. Never Have I Ever

5. Lord Send Revival

6. Phenomena (Da Da)

7. This is Living

8. Wake

Hillsong Young and Free // Ultimate Helix Bundle // 8 Patches

Solo 5 disponible(s)
  • Rating 5/5

    "Bought a whole stack of patches, each one is one balanced for the song sections and very accurate to the original recordings. Aced me working out the delays and reverbs etc.."



    Rating 5/5

    "I am extremely satisfied with the Helix bundle I purchased. This bundle of snapshots let me twist and tweak to get my desired setup. Finally, as a newer Helix owner this bundle helped me learn the Preset/Snapshot capabilities of the Helix."



    Rating 5/5

    "Patch sounds absolutely amazing! Tone is SPOT ON and crips and was a perfect fit with my Gretsch. Highly recommended! Will be using it for other songs as well!"



    Rating 5/5

    "All sound is consistent and according to the venue."


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