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Eric Johnson // Clean, Rhythm, Lead // Helix Patches // 2 Patches

2 patches included.

Days went into studying and tweaking the legendary amps and effects configuration to deliver Eric Johnson's signature sound. While a lot of his tone comes from his hands and guitars, the pedals, mics, and amps still play a crucial part in his tone. If you're wanting to sound like Eric Johnson, this patch will get the job done. The clean patch is a dual amp patch that mimics his Fender clean amps and effects he uses on the road. The lead patch utilizes 2 mono amps with an A/B switch to toggle between lead and dirty rhythm. Best used with a strat or a guitar with single coil pickups. No IR's necessary. 


Clean patch effects blocks included:

Momentary compressor for harmonics 

Looper for creating ambient pads

2 Delays 

Stereo chorus 


Stereo Fender Amps 


Lead patch effects blocks included: 

A/B Switch to toggle between Dirty Rhythm and Lead sounds 


2 distortions 


2 delays 




Grab the Ultimate Tone Kings Patch Bundle!

Eric Johnson // Clean, Rhythm, Lead // Helix Patches // 2 Patches

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  • Rating 5/5

    "Just incredible! I loaded them in today and I'm about the Kia Forum arena in LA with the Eric Johnson patches. So good. Highly recommended."



    Rating 4/5

    "Sounds pretty darn close to eric johnsons album tones. I wish it captured his live sound a little more. Overall pleased though."



    Rating 5/5

    "I absolutely love these patches - they sounds as good as promised and saved me many, many hours of time trying to get a sound that wouldn't have been as good. Joey's the real deal - Thank you!"



    Rating 5/5

    "Sounds good. It is a good representation of EJ’s tones."



    Rating 5/5

    "Amazing Patch! Really gets the jist of the tones of EJ. But of course I can't play at his speed but at least i got the tone thru this patch!"



    Rating 5/5

    "Killer patches! Finally an Eric Johnson patch that sounds like the man himself. You won’t be disappointed with these patches!"

    - Chadl

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