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Battle Belongs // Phil Wickham // POD Go Patch

'Battle Belongs' inspired POD Go patch. Download, plug in, and play with your worship team. Example: (Verse, Chorus, Bridge, Interludes, etc.) Use in snapshot mode for the best experience. The stomp buttons are assigned as well.



1. Interludes

2. Verses

3. Chorus 

4. Bridge


Grab the Ultimate Phil Wickham Patch Bundle!

Battle Belongs // Phil Wickham // POD Go Patch

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  • Rating 5/5

    "Great sounds. I was using a Fender Tele and sounded good. Once I understood the tones and where they fit for the lead guitar it felt great. I compared it to the recording and sounded close. I would recommend it."



    Rating 5/5

    "I love the variety of tone in the different snapshots. Normally, playing live, I would just add or remove a drive for different parts of the song. These sounds are very accurate to the original and gives me lots of "color" within the song."

    - Jarrod


    Rating 5/5

    "Great guitar patch! I actually learned a lot from the patch build. Experience buying this patch was smooth and easy."



    Rating 5/5

    "Great patch! Goes heavy for the intro and nice melodic tones on scene 2. Would buy another patch without question."



    Rating 5/5

    "Amazing patches, 10/10 would buy again."


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